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Extra  remotes                                                                                $50

  • Durable and compact

  • Waterproof

  • Use 9v. battery


MASTER REMOTE CONTROLS                                             

4 Button Waterproof- $60

8 Button- $65

12 Button Waterproof- $85

  • Can be configured to control multiple boxes.

  • Can be configured using different modes for operation.

  • Use 9v. Battery or AA batteries depending on model.


OUTDOOR BUTTON BOXES                                                  $85

Control boxes for outdoor mounted locations-

  • Waterproof design.

  • Available in 2 or 4 buttons (can control 1 or 2 boxes per remotes).

  • Small flexible antenna.

  • Can be mounted in convenient locations along the track for riders to trigger boxes themselves.

  • Can be mounted on flagger stands to eliminate the need for a remote.

2 button side.jpg
4 button side.jpg

REMOTE HOLDER                                                                       $15

Easily keep track of remote controls-

  • Keeps remotes from being lost.

  • Securely holds remotes.

  • Mounts with high bind double sided tape.

  • Can be attached to light boxes, ATV's or other equipment.

  • Can be used during storage to keep remotes in order.

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