FLEXIBLE MOUNTING KITS                                                  

Flexible mounting kits add another degree of safety-

  • Flexible post will bend on impact and spring back to normal postion afterwards.

  • Slide on brackets allow for quick installation and removal.

  • Can mount on uneven ground and a variety of situations.

  • Extra Posts can be used if you are going to use the same box in multiple locations(ex. multiple tracks).

  • Flexible posts can also be used as track markers without box mounted.

Flex Mounting Kit for "Standard Box" -  $85

Flex Mounting Kit for "Lite" Box - $65

Solid Mounting Kit                                                  $30

  • Quick Mounting bracket allows box to easily slide on/off post.

  • Padding included.

  • Can be mounted on uneven ground and a variety of situations.

  • Compatible with all size boxes.

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