Manual Activation Switch                                                                         $20

  • Availabe as a toggle switch or flush mount push button.

  • LED indication it is activated

  • Color coordinated to the light it controls.

360 View Top Lights                                                                                          $65


  • Used to provide 360 degree indication that box is on.

  • LED strobe.

  • Color coordinated to LED panel on box.

  • Compact but very bright


Battery Status Indicator                                                                              $30


  • Indicates charge status of battery.

  • LED display.

  • Waterproof.

Flash Pattern Selection Button                                                             $15


  • Easily select through 20 different flash patterns.LED display.

CautionZ Lanyard                                                                                           $5


  • Works great to carry remotes around.

  • CautionZ logo

  • Metal Clip with Breakaway buckle.